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It's Up 2U Youth Social Justice Initiative

“It’s Up 2U” © is a project specifically for youth 8-18 years old who have a parent incarcerated because it has been discovered that this age group is affected emotionally, socially and educationally by the incarceration of a parent, especially because of separation, disconnect and inability to see parent daily.

It’s Up 2U is a three-part project to promote the mental, social and spiritual health of youth 8-18 years old that have parents incarcerated. We invite your support of The Sneaker Ball, June 23, 2023, 6:00 PM, H. J. Russell Innovation Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30313

One Day Gala (Sneaker Party) for 50 youth whose parent is in a federal, state or local facility.  The youth will be selected from family home, foster home and DFACS system. Youth must be willing to attend the Gala with one parent or guardian or may be bused from above systems. They will enjoy fine dining (in elegant venue), great food, dancing and motivational speakers (inclusive of Mental Health Professionals on hand, if needed).  Attire and new sneakers will be provided for each youth. Hair, makeup and other services will be provided so youth can feel special. The project focuses on social graces, relationship building, healing and mental health. 


Please click below for Sponsorship Letter for Budget, Sponsor Levels and other pertinent information.


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