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                                                                        America RAVES 20th Anniversary

The organization will celebrate its 20th Anniversary on June 10th.  Visit our social media pages for happenings.  Anniversary gifts are welcome with cash app-$overandabove.

You may send $1 for each year of service to youth and communities 

                                                                       "It's UP 2U - Youth Social Justice Initiative

It’s Up 2U is a three-part project to promote the mental, social and spiritual health of youth 8-18 years old that have parents incarcerated. We invite your support of The Sneaker Ball, June 23, 2023, 6:00 PM, H. J. Russell Innovation Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30313

You may donate NOW to help in these labors of love.  Send secure PayPal donation or

CashApp $overandabove.  Please see Sponsorship information for level.

For more information about upcoming events,

please call (404) 861-4908 or email us at:

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