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America RAVES offers simple techniques, applied strategically and purposefully, inclusive of youth input, art comes alive in them and trigger a desire to articulate through artistic expression.  During our many years of community service, we discovered that youth relate to the arts and find inspiration that transcends age, culture, gender and income.


Young people have opportunity for artistic expression, economic empowerment and educational pursuits which help the young person, family and community.

Movies are theater quality funded through investors, sponsors, donors, with potential for public displays, music videos and DVD reproductions.  Because the movies are educational in nature, it is a non- profit venture to empower at risk communities.  Go Fund Me account and other fundraisers help us continue to serve and reach focused goals.  


Our forward movement strategies are inclusive of active community and young people involvement.  


We have developed workable models including performing arts development, educational readiness and inspirational initiatives produced in partnership with community agencies, officials and representatives to assist us in maximizing resources, expertise and support. Our partners, local businesses and community all work together to address and find solutions to youth issues.  Macy’s Annual Shop for Cause Day and Amazon Smile represent solvency and stability of the organization.  We have built networks and partnerships with public school systems, community outreach agencies, local businesses, non-profits and city officials willing to donate services, resources and funds to sustain our mission.  Our goals are long range through programs that impact young people and community long term such as violence, teen pregnancy, school dropouts, HIV and other health concerns. We are committed and devoted to seeking empowerment solutions that change landscape of life journey. For example, the Film projects such as Now That You Know movie is the first of the Tannie Series, a series of movies addressing youth issues, introduce new stars to the industry and implementing productions utilizing new talent and explore careers for futures in film industry.  Youth receive training in front of and behind the camera.  Our goal is to develop artistic talents of youth for the future.  To participate, youth must enroll in acting classes and audition for parts in the movie. Training program allows youth to gain experience on actual film set and learn movie making process.  Now That You Know movie is the first of the series with plans to produce movies from 2017-2020 and offer support projects and initiatives to further engage young people.  Therefore, we are able to provide beneficial programming and economic avenues into the future.


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